Keith Rust grew up on his family’s ranch in Northern California, and is a 5th generation Californian.  At an early age he was always creating, but it was his first art professor in Sacramento, John Kaneko, who became a true mentor and friend.  With his instructor’s recommendation, Keith decided to attend college at Art Center College of Design to study illustration.  After graduating with honors, he began working in the computer game industry, starting off as a game artist and eventually rising to the position of Art Director and Vice President of Creative Arts.  He thrived in the computer game industry for over a decade before his interests shifted to a new career path.  After taking some time to travel, Keith transitioned to a high school art instructor, teaching traditional drawing and painting as well as graphic design.  During his time at Art Center, he was exposed to the incredible craftsmanship and esthetic beauty of the Arts & Crafts movement surrounding him in Pasadena, California, and quickly fell in love with its beauty and style.  Keith has always had a great passion for the outdoors, photography and art and he spent several years developing a new style of painting that pays homage to the Arts & Crafts movement through the inspiring beauty of the great outdoors.