Well Worth the Wait

“We absolutely love our ‘Big Blazing Winter Chill.'  It is stunning!!!  Especially at night with the two spotlights on it…the sky comes alive!  Our search of about 10 years for a winter scene was well worth the wait!"    

- Linda M., Customer

Their family likes to change the art over their grand fireplace to correspond with the current season.  They were missing a couple of seasons, winter being one of them.  For nearly 10 years they could not find a winter scene that they liked.  Happily, I was able to help.

After all the time and love invested in creating these works of art, it is certainly rewarding to hear such glowing comments and to see it so prominently displayed.  The joy others receive from my work is truly the icing on the cake.

The 30"x40" vertical XXL prints are currently not available through my website store.  Please inquire with your nearest retailer to place an order.